Your Butler's Pantry offers a stylish solution to rental tableware for your next dinner party

Lauren Gruber Lauren Gruber | August 19, 2020 | Lifestyle, Parties, Sponsored Post,

If you’re looking to spice up your dinner table for guests without the exorbitant costs of investing in fancy flatware, Your Butler’s Pantry has you covered. The service collects and curates a variety of tableware at every price point for rentals and sales—including high end brands like Raynaud and Royal Limoges—for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a plate.


Photography by Adam Nyholt.

“We invest in the real deal—not vintage inspired or patterns that are reminiscent of name brands,” says Elizabeth Whitehead, President and Owner of Your Butler’s Pantry. “We believe in quality of quantity and think good things are meant to be used and enjoyed.”


Photography by Streamline Retail.

Whitehead created Your Butler’s Pantry after growing tired of borrowing tableware from friends and family when hosting large groups. Dissatisfied with the rental services available, she decided to spearhead her own company, which officially launched in 2019.

Your Butler’s Pantry’s client list includes esteemed chef and restaurateur Monica Pope, whom it collaborated with on Pope’s curated catering concept, and the company has also worked with Farm Girls Supper Club events, who host seasonal pop-up dinners in Houston. For its next project, Your Butler’s Pantry is excited to provide resources for celebrated interior designer Marie Flanigan.


Photography by Karen Chiao.

“If you just want to jeuge up your old china with some new flatware or fun glassware, we're here for that,” says Whitehead. “We can also help you soup to nuts with our network of community partners who are all ready and willing to safely help with your next gathering.” She adds that, “Due to Covid, entertaining at home is back in a big way. We can help you make it just as turn-key and fun as going out.”


Photography by Harlow and May Studios.

Photography by: Adam Nyholt, Streamline Retail, Karen Chiao, Harlow and May Studios