Word On The Street: A Conversation With Glass Cypress Founders Samee And Saber Ahmed

By Elizabeth Harper | January 6, 2020 | Style & Beauty

Two brothers from Cypress reimagine ready-to-wear with Montrose atelier Glass Cypress. Here, we get the scoop on the brand, the clothes and Houston’s fashion scene.

SamandSaberAhmed-0001.jpgBrothers and Glass Cypress founders Saber (left) and Samee Ahmed

What inspired the launch of Glass Cypress?
Samee Ahmed:
It was a natural process—one that took some time. … What drove and inspired me from early on during conception was a strong desire to understand and then create based off those understandings.

Why Houston?
Saber Ahmed: Everyone in the world is talking about Houston, and now fashion will be in the conversation as well. The small intricacies of our culture make us unique and appealing. We’re the new L.A., and everyone will invest into Houston for the next eight to 10 years.

Your aesthetic is quite niche. How did you land on luxe streetwear?
Samee: The recent extension of streetwear into luxury is a reflection of our generation. I believe it shows to what extent we are in tune with one another and how well we understand one another—regardless of our backgrounds. That is an energy we strongly gravitate toward.

GlassCypressPFW1.jpgA look from Glass Cypress’ Paris Fashion Week debut during the Flying Solo show September 2019: New Taupe gabardine suit jacket, $1,850, New Taupe gabardine suit pants, $950, and cashmere cardigan, $450

You recently showed at Paris Fashion Week. Congratulations!
Samee: Thank you. It was a phenomenal experience we won’t forget. It was interesting [because] it was our first time. We sort of felt like the black sheep—like the punk kid on his first day at private school or something. But we embraced that, stayed true to our energy, to our spirit and to Cypress, and ultimately, the energy reciprocated was truly beautiful.

What’s next?
Saber: Us being us forever. We’ll never change the core components of our brand, such as our culture or quality. Our creative output will evolve as we do. … That being said, I believe you can expect the same premium quality we’ve always had and the same authentic energy we exude through our designs. 1711 Indiana St.

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Photography by: From top: by Cody Bess; courtesy of Flying Solo