Wham Bam!

| November 7, 2011 | Calendar

Kicking off the holiday shopping season in style, nonprofit art org Spacetaker's three-day Winter Holiday Art Market (WHAM) touts works by more than 60 local artists, luring thousands of attendees through a maze of paintings, sculptures, fabric art, photography, and pottery.

Among the artists featured is painter and sculptor Kelley Devine, whose work was featured on the cover of Houston Magazine last year. Devine's recent work includes drawings and acrylic paintings centered around themes of femininity.

Meanwhile, Lisa Chow's playful sense of imagination and storytelling is evident in her up-for-grabs colorful collection of abstract paintings and drawings, the likes of which have been contracted by big-name buzzes like Urban Outfitters.

And Carol McKee's oil paintings take many shapes and sizes: Some are tall, skinny and multipaneled, while others, like "Fire and Ice," are a wash of color on epic-scale canvases. -CS

For more information, visit winterholidayartmarket.com


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