The Dynamic Design Duo Behind Weidner Hasou & Co. is Here to Transform Your Space

Genna Weidner and Deborah Hasou | August 24, 2020 | Home & Real Estate People Home & Real Estate

Genna Weidner and Deborah Hasou have collaborated on this Houston-based firm and store.


Prior to opening their firm and store Weidner Hasou & Co., Genna Weidner and Deborah Hasou met as neighbors and collaborated as designers—Genna designing the interiors and Deborah creating the renovation or building plans. After several years of going back and forth to each other’s back doors, they knew it was time to make their partnership official. Starting with the belief that a home should provide a sense of peace and comfort to the family that inhabits it, the designers give practical and aesthetic consideration to every movement through a home. Blending their talents, Genna and Deborah show that collaboration with one another and with their clients develops the design of the home to best suit the clients’ wishes and needs.


The partners’ retail store is a favorite design resource among area residents, builders and other designers, in part because of the dedicated and always-helpful team Weidner and Hasou have put together over the last decade. Long-time clients stop in regularly to shop and visit while new customers are eagerly greeted and encouraged to linger.

Weidner Hasou & Co.
12649 Memorial Drive, Suite B
Houston, Texas 77024
Instagram @weidnerhasou

Photography by: Weidner Hasou