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Meet the impressive Dr. Lisa Patel, founder of Texas Regenerative & Integrative Centers of Health, or Texas RICH as discerning clients know it. Born and bred in California, Patel did her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Riverside, and San Diego as a Biology major. After college, she was unsure of what path to take, till a bad car accident pointed her in the right direction.“A friend of mine had recommended that I seek Chiropractic care, and within a couple oftreatments, I knew that this was the path that I wanted to take for my career,” she shares. “Afterreceiving my doctorate, I then pursued my sports certification and am currently completing my sports diplomate, which will allow me to have even more training to work with athletes.” At Texas RICH, Dr. Patel and her team offer sports and family chiropractic care, which is comprised of but not limited to chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and cupping, Graston Technique (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization), KinesioTape, manual muscle therapy, decompression therapy, rehab and exercise therapy, and foot orthotics. In 2020, Dr. Patel added medical services to her practice in order to best serve patients, so now they also offer umbilical cord derived mesenchymal cell therapy to treat musculoskeletal conditions by regenerating damaged tissue, decreasing inflammation and promoting the immune system. You can even get IV drips, hair restoration, micro needling and botox—they do it all!


“We go above and beyond with our treatment techniques in our office—we are really trying to keep patients from having to get surgery and being dependent on pain medications with the use of the regenerative therapy treatments,” says Dr. Patel. “The medical professionals in our office, myself included, have years of training and experience in this field.”

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