Take FLIGHT with Benjamin Johnston and Madison Lily Rugs

Madison Lily Madison Lily | February 5, 2021 | Home & Real Estate Feature Features Sponsored Post

Madison Lily Rugs was founded by husband-wife duo, Edgar and Kelly Podzemny, who recognized a need for luxury rugs that are tailored to the modern homeowner. They shook the industry in 2008 by going directly to artisans in India and Nepal to design and launch their very own brand of handmade rugs.

KELLY_AND_EDGAR_PODZEMNY_PORTRAIT.jpgPhotography by Julie Soefer.

Named after their eldest daughter, the Madison Lily showroom was opened in 2011 offering an assortment of area rugs that boast innovative points of view and modern presentations. With over 25 years of industry experience, Madison Lily’s unique process is managed by an in-house team of creatives who thoughtfully design and deliver custom rugs to interior designers and discerning homeowners worldwide.

1cShTk9g.jpgPhotography by Julie Soefer.

In 2020, Madison Lily called on award-winning internationally recognized interior designer, Benjamin Johnston, to create a museum quality rug collection. The Benjamin Johnston Collection continues the company’s 25-year tradition of crafting luxurious hand-knotted rugs that strike a balance between beauty and function. The inaugural installment of the collection, known simply as FLIGHT, features motifs of exotic plumage that underscore Johnston’s eye for unexpected natural textures and his keen interest in the world we call home.

Benjamin_Johnston_Collection_for_Madison_Lily_Rugs_2.jpgPhotography by Julie Soefer.

Sweeping arrays of feathers are rendered in over 20 high-definition saturated colors including citrus, lapis, saffron and teal combined with shaded accent tones that lend each rug a luxurious three-dimensional quality suggesting it could very well take to the air.

We sat down for a quick (virtual) chat with Edgar Podzemny to learn more about the launch of the Benjamin Johnston Collection and what we can expect to see from this A-list collaboration next!

How did this partnership develop?

I’ve always admired Ben’s work and I was on the hunt for a collaborator who would push boundaries with us as far as color and texture were concerned. Ben is insanely creative yet also exacting and meticulous which has made joining forces a dream!

Where did Ben derive inspiration for the FLIGHT collection?

A lot of rug designs can feel ‘safe’ and we loved that Ben had no intention of playing it safe! Turning to nature, he created something truly exquisite and unique. FLIGHT is a departure from tradition and the rugs in this collection were designed for those who appreciate bold and exotic art.


Where do you see these rugs being used?

Ben has said on multiple occasions that he designed these to serve as art installations perfect for a moody lounge, dining space, or grand foyer! Whether they’re hanging on the wall or cushioning your step, I can guarantee they’re going to make an impact on any space they call home.

Benjamin_Johnston_Photo_credit_Stephen_Karlisch.jpegPhotography by Stephen Karlisch.

So, what’s next?

First, there are some exciting changes happening at Madison Lily that will make it even easier for you to bring home a piece of the FLIGHT collection. We’re also excited to announce that the second installment of Ben’s collection is in progress! Entitled Geometrica, these pieces are inspired by Ben’s background in architecture and will be full-bleed rugs with bold, graphic patterns crafted from handspun silk and hand-carded wool. We can’t wait to share them with you!

You can experience the Benjamin Johnston Collection firsthand in Madison Lily’s Houston showroom along with hundreds of other hand-knotted rugs designed in-house by the Madison Lily team.

Photography by: Julie Soefer, Stephen Karlisch