State of the Arts

Ray Dennison and Daniel Renfrow | November 30, 2016 | Feature Features National

Houston's art scene is as diverse and ever-growing as the city itself. Here are just a few of the patrons, players, institutions and venues picking up the brush and making their mark on the urban canvas.
POP ART Collector Poppi Massey with a piece by artist Wayne Gilbert

Private Eye
Houston Art League names its collector of the year.

In Poppi Massey’s architecturally stunning modern home in River Oaks is a contemporary art collection that verges on de Menil status in its scope and includes pieces by Jacob Hashimoto, Antonio BriceƱo and Houston’s own Angelbert Metoyer. Oh, and there’s also a Remington hanging in her closet. Somewhat eclectic in her taste, the globe-trotting mother of two was surrounded by art growing up, so it was only natural that she would slowly evolve into a collector. “I didn’t think, ‘Oh, I’m just going to start collecting art,’” says Massey of her evolution. “It just kind of happened. It’s more accumulation than collection.” She’s very attached to her pieces, and there are works that never fail to give her goose bumps. “You see them every day and some of the pieces almost become a part of your family.” Fittingly, she was honored as patron of the year at the Art League Houston gala this fall. This month, she has her eyes peeled for new finds while in Miami for her eighth Art Basel.


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