Revitalized Gut Health

By Sydenham Clinic By Sydenham Clinic | September 23, 2022 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,


The overall status of your well being is intimately linked to how your body digests food. From mood swings, chronic pains and autoimmune diseases to fatigue, skin issues and even immune system disturbances, many bodily dysfunctions can arise from sub-optimal gut health. The doctors and nutritionists of Sydenham Clinic utilize genomics-based primary care to discover what is impacting your digestive health as well as how to best heal and protect your gut for the future.

Over the past few decades, the medical field has made groundbreaking strides to better understand the interplay between one’s gut health, immune system and the brain. Despite these clear scientific links, poor gut health remains a prevalent health concern today. Imbalanced diet habits, an increased proportion of cesarean section births, widespread antibiotic use and chronic stress are lifestyle factors that adversely affect the daily operation of the gut.

While medicine continues to treat patients with a reactive model approach, merely addressing visible symptoms, Sydenham Clinic strives to provide its members with comprehensive healthcare tailored to one’s individual needs. “Gut health is at the cornerstone of what we do and how we ensure our members feel energized, happy and healthy,” says founder Aanchal Bhatia.

Your path to optimal well being with Sydenham Clinic will include detailed testing of your microbiome for an analysis of your gut flora. These bacteria contribute to our health in a variety of ways - while some are beneficial, others can be pathogenic and detrimental.

The clinic’s laser-focused tests detect hidden signs of dysbiosis, food sensitivities, inflammation, leaky gut and other digestive system biomarkers. Under the supervision of a highly qualified team of practitioners, your lab results will be interpreted with the greater picture of you in mind. Sydenham Clinic will create a targeted plan of action exclusively customized to your needs.

The team of Sydenham Clinic is here to support you each step of the way in treatment, diet and supplementation so you can enjoy a new lifestyle and reap the benefits of the vibrant energy that comes with it.

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