Artist Reagan Corbett Paints The Town

As told by Reagan Corbett | June 23, 2020 | People

DSC058303ANE4.jpgHouston-based contemporary artist and The ReagART Collection founder Reagan Corbett’s “Houston, I love you to the moon and back” mural outside Rosie Cannonball

“I firmly believe art is best experienced in person and in real life. But because of COVID-19, we as a society have lost the ability to physically connect with art due to the widespread closures of museums, galleries and artcentric communities. The ramifications of this pandemic are coupled with positives and negatives, but I prefer to focus on the positives. Most importantly, we are seeing a resilient community of artists who are redirecting their fear of the unknown into a creative flourish of new art. … Until COVID, doing a mural was something I always wanted to do, but I never had the right opportunity or time to figure it out. … It is not just ‘painting on brick’; it’s understanding scale, precision, application, weather conditions and creativity—all combined into one. At its core, my work reflects the innermost workings of my mind and the physical culture around me… Creating a mural that reflected our current ‘space’ or distance from one another, optimism and compassion for a nation in distress, while incorporating a figurative nod to our beloved Space City, allowed me to reinforce a sense of togetherness while we are all apart. It has been rewarding to see how the right combination of words and imagery can unite a community and raise the morale of a city facing such a vast amount of loss and uncertainty.”

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Photography by: Courtesy of Reagan Corbett