Meet Dynamic Woman, Aanchal Bhatia

By Lawrence Elizabeth Knox By Lawrence Elizabeth Knox | November 30, 2021 | People Lifestyle Sponsored Post


Aanchal Bhatia is redefining the future of healthcare. As founder and CEO of Sydenham Clinic, she combines cutting-edge scientific innovation with ancient wisdom to design and deliver medical solutions not available through most insurance-based health systems. With a vision to lead the way for genomics-based concierge care, her private health management clinic, nestled in the heart of River Oaks, is founded on the principle that optimal health should be proactive, preventative and personalized to meet the demands and challenges of dynamic individuals in an ever-changing environment.


A entrepreneur by profession, clinical psychologist by education and patient advocate by passion, Aanchal first developed an interest in her field through her personal battles with childhood lung disease and autoimmune conditions as well as an early exposure to spirituality and meditation. Following advice from the Dalai Lama, she strives to guide people toward health and longevity while cultivating a sense of community. With resilience and persistence, she continues to find great success, as she expands her services to include infusions, detox, aesthetics and neuromodulation, and prepares to open Sydenham Clinic Beverly Hills in 2022.


“Being a woman is an asset,” she says. “You have to be in touch with your feminine side, and lead with authenticity and clarity. It’s possible to have it all – a great married life, a great family life and a great career.” Aanchal is also CEO of Texas Medical Concierge, a patient advocacy group with ties to the world’s top medical institutions, and the author of “Your Doctor Is Not God: How to Be the CEO of Your Own Health.”

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