Matchmaking in the Modern Era: A New Premier Online Service for Extraordinary Singles

By Lauren Stone By Lauren Stone | September 11, 2023 | People, Sponsored Post,

In an exclusive partnership with Modern Luxury, Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg launched a first-of-its-kind, luxury, online dating, lifestyle and wellness platform, My Love Design, that takes online dating to an elegant and true hands-on level.

It seems nearly impossible to discern how compatible you are with someone based on a short dating app profile and a couple of carefully curated photos. At some point, you’re bound to get swipe-fatigued. Rather than scouring the millions of dating profiles out there, wouldn’t it be nice to have potential partners handpicked for you by true professional matchmakers?

Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg created My Love Design to help singles find the love they deserve.

Well, Celebrity Love Architect Kailen Rosenberg created a membership option on her new luxury dating and lifestyle platform, My Love Design, that does exactly that. “The Premier Plus Membership opportunity features me, along with my experienced Love Design Team, working behind the scenes in the backend of the dating platform to help members connect to the best Mate for themselves,” Rosenberg explains.

With some of the best celebrity experts in their fields—fitness coach Stacie Clark and Millionaire Matchmaker’s Destin and Rachel Pfaff, to name a few—Rosenberg and her team use their matchmaking and wellness savvy to help singles not only find their perfect partner, but also understand themselves better.

Handpicked Matches

After observing My Love Design members for a couple of months, Rosenberg and her team chose to create the Premier Plus membership to increase the chance of singles finding their Life Mate. “We decided to present this offering to our members because, as we watched people come on board, we noticed that there were many people who were missing each other for various reasons on their own,” Rosenberg says. “My team and I thought it would be fun and rewarding to help them behind the scenes so that everyone can find and experience the love and partner they deserve.”

My Love Design’s Premier Plus membership incorporates top-tier matchmaking into online dating.

Using their years of matchmaking, lifestyle, wellness and coaching experience, the Love Design team works within the platform to connect Premier Plus members with fully-vetted individuals in the Private Love Collective—their “invite only” network of singles. “It’s an exclusive space for our single friends, VIP clients and other healthy-minded and successful singles to finally have a safe haven to find real love,” Rosenberg says.

By incorporating thorough and random background checks, daters don’t have to worry about catfishing or suspicious characters, and by having real matchmakers curate handpicked matches for them, no time is wasted on incompatibility.

One-on-One Coaching

Delving far deeper than the average online dating experience, My Love Design focuses heavily on the improvement and growth of each individual member. With Premier Plus, members have the opportunity to experience face-to-face interviews and screenings with Rosenberg, including a virtual Relationship Readiness Assessment.

“Through this assessment, we are seeking to find out the truth of where each person is at with their genuine self-love and relationship readiness,” Rosenberg says. “We’re looking for who they are attracted to, what they want and desire, and also what is best for them in love and a successful relationship.”

During this meeting, Premier Plus members have the chance to unpack their Real Reveal (My Love Design’s opening assessment and test) results and talk through their personal roadblocks in love, so they are better equipped to take on the dating world.

Bespoke Membership

The Bespoke level of My Love Design is an opportunity for members to receive a love life makeover.

The top tier of My Love Design brings all the elements of Premier Plus to an in-person matchmaking experience. With a Bespoke Membership, Rosenberg and her well-rounded team of celebrity experts come to the member’s home and give them a love life makeover—it’s like a dating show without the cameras.

Created for their high-profile clients, this $250,000 + membership includes a full love life make-over with guidance from the Love Design Team on changes that can and should be made to attract real love into their lives. Along with matching the client with compatible singles in the Private Love Collective, the matchmakers connect Bespoke members to their own private VIP network of singles.

Rosenberg’s mission with My Love Design is to help people restore, foster and build beautiful love lives, from the inside out. With these high-level memberships, she and her team are going above and beyond what a traditional dating platform offers to do exactly that.

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