Madison Lily Rugs: Art Beneath Your Feet

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KELLY_AND_EDGAR_PODZEMNY_PORTRAIT-0001.jpgPhotography by Julie Soefer.

Founded by husband-wife duo Edgar and Kelly Podzemny, Madison Lily Rugs has been a labor of love for over 25 years. Recognizing a need for luxury rugs that could be tailored to the demands of a modern homeowner, they shook the industry in 2008 by going directly to artisans in India and Nepal to design and launch their very own brand of handmade rugs.

0393_210115_MadisonLily-0001.jpgMadison Lily Showroom, Photography by Julie Soefer.

Named after their eldest daughter, the Madison Lily showroom was opened in 2011 and serves as a creative haven where clients can explore a vast collection of area rugs that boast innovative points of view and modern presentations. Edgar and Kelly have worked side by side on every aspect of the business for over two decades and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with interior designers and discerning homeowners worldwide.

MFI_Telluride.jpgDesign by Marie Flanigan Interiors, Photography by Julie Soefer.

“We’re one of the few companies in the world that designs and manufactures its own rugs with an exclusive team of weavers. Our process moves seamlessly from design concept to the loom and then directly to the end-user, ensuring that we manage every step of the creative process. This allows us to control the quality of materials being used and the style and texture of the weave,” says Edgar.

Mohon_KB_RUG_202119.jpgDesign by Marcus Mohon Interiors featuring the Cascade Rug, Photography by Stephen Karlisch Photography.

An artist at heart, Madison Lily’s Edgar Podzemny remains at the forefront of rug design and takes great pride in the team’s pursuit of innovative concepts and production. Their unique process is managed in-house guaranteeing an exceptional product designed to each client’s specifications. Drawn from artistic vision and hand formed, thread by thread, these rugs are intimate works of art that unify, soften, and excite.

“Art is therapeutic for me,” Edgar explains. “Whenever I’m feeling called to quiet my mind and focus on the present, all I need to do is pick up a paint brush. Through the Studio collection, my mixed media on canvas pieces are reincarnated, inviting the world to experience art in a whole new light. Most artists don’t allow people to stand on their works of art; at Madison Lily, it’s encouraged.”

3laepLPg.jpgMadison Lily Showroom, Photography by Julie Soefer.

Edgar and Kelly have proven that a successful business is founded upon exceptional service, and their passion for design is rivaled only by their commitment to providing clients with a trusted shopping experience. With thousands of in-stock rugs, bespoke capabilities, and collaborations with award-winning international designers like Benjamin Johnston, the Madison Lily team is renowned for its ability to offer unsurpassed quality, style, and selection.

Design enthusiasts everywhere are invited to make livable pieces of art their own by exploring Madison Lily’s hand-knotted masterpieces in their Houston showroom or by shopping the collection online.

Photography by: Julie Soefer, Stephen Karlisch Photography