Life Manager For Moms: How To Really Get It All Done Presented By Bevy

by Carissa Janeway by Carissa Janeway | May 17, 2021 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

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We get it. We know you want to be able to do it all — be a successful professional, a great mama, wife, friend, run a “no-drama” lifestyle, live a FULL life, and still find room for yourself.

The problem is there’s too much to do and never enough hours in the day, which makes you feel exhausted and frazzled. We believe you shouldn’t have to carry the burden of all this pressure by yourself. You shouldn’t have to compromise to have big dreams and goals.

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But how do you actually

You should definitely wake up an extra hour earlier and journal all your feelings.

Meditate on your future.

Give yourself so much grace.


Self-love and self-care.

Make sure your partner and your “honey-do” lists are 50/50.

Delegate your list and hire separate services to fix the lawnmower, replace the lighting, stain the fence, rearrange the furniture, remodel the bathroom, plan and book the getaway, hang the pictures, organize the garage, redecorate the game room… but that just added another 9 projects for you to manage and spearhead.

These are ALL helpful and beneficial ways to manage the lists and the stress, but do they actually solve the problem of not having enough time to get it all done?

No. The solution is that you need more time. You need “another you”.

How do you get this?


Delegate to one point of contact at one company, who can manage on your behalf all the “stuff” you don’t want or have time to do.

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This is why we created Bevy, a lifestyle organization service. With a trusted partner to orchestrate the background stuff, you can get the time back you need to fulfill all your desires and live your best life. AKA: all of it gets done and you get to keep your sanity. Bevy’s skilled concierge team manages the things that monopolize your time and cause mom burnout. The company was founded on a core principle that we all need help and should not have to “do life” without our support team.

Here's what we do – we partner with you to get all those necessary home and life projects DONE. You’re the boss, we’re the execution and management team all rolled into one. With Bevy, you don’t just get an extra set of hands, you get competent project managers and motivated self-starters.

“Before Bevy, my home was an additional stressor, now it’s my place to relax again. Bevy brought back my peace.” -Amber M, Bevy Client

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Bevy offers a real solution to the real problem of not having enough time.

From Home Maintenance

  • those light bulbs can finally be replaced
  • you’ll never run out of sandwich bags again
  • the air filters will be replaced on time
  • you can always have the seasonal décor match the season
  • the squeaky doors will squeak no more
  • etc…

to Home Interior Design

  • get your home office functional and looking fly
  • the gallery wall will actually get on the wall
  • bathroom remodels are managed with ease
  • landscaping will make all your neighbors envious
  • construction management
  • space planning

to Home Organization

  • are there still 3T clothes in your 8-year old’s closet?
  • does your pantry need a facelift?
  • declutter that spare bedroom
  • moving - let us pack, unpack and make that move a party for you
  • stop hurting your feet stepping on Legos – there’s a system for that

– Bevy manages it all.

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What’s on your list?

Join our other clients and start offloading today! Call 832.841.2389 or head to

PS – Bevy is also a great gift to give!

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