New Year, New Veneer… and Other Jaw-Dropping Design Innovations By eggersmann

by eggersmann by eggersmann | January 21, 2022 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,


Combining innovation with functionality and cutting-edge finishes, the premier German kitchen company, eggersmann, unveils its new 2022 product ranges just in time for you to customize your home in this new year. Modern Luxury rounded up the top stylish selections from eggersmann’s kitchen debut for you to consider.

eggersmann-jan-ig-native6.jpgOntario Black walnut displayed on the oven wall, Blackened steel selected for islands

First-in-Industry Natural Finishes

Quality finishes are the key to an impeccably stylish kitchen. eggersmann introduces two first-in-industry materials this season: Ontario Black walnut and Blackened steel. A fresh modern take on the Lausanne dentil-style finish, Ontario Black walnut showcases the honey-gold color we cherish in the famous American walnut finish coupled with contrasting deep darkly colored linear grooves and kerfs. The second new natural finish, Blackened steel, is the latest addition to eggersmann’s robust unique luxury cabinet collection. It’s rich, dark coloration and patina are designed to evolve beautifully over time.

“Natural materials are a passion of eggersmann. By combining two islands crafted out of real forged blackened steel juxtaposed with vertical planked Ontario black walnut, the effect is brilliant,” says Michael Soltoff, CEO of eggersmann USA.

New Organization Options


We ask a lot of our kitchen cabinet storage: it stores a wide variety of spices, oils and other bottles, utensils, trays and more. For those seeking further convenience solutions, the revolutionary cabtec system is here to maximize your storage space for kitchens both large and small. A rotating organizer, cabtec is eggersmann’s first luxury cabinet insert keeping your must-have items accessible and safe in a black oak finish combined with titanium brushed aluminum. Cabtec can be stored in your cabinets, shelves or proudly displayed on your countertop.

Glass, Glass, Glass!


Love the modernized look of glass doors or shelving? The 2021 Good Design award-winning glance frame redefines what captivating cabinet design can be. Available in 5 bespoke metal colors, glance compliments your existing furniture and forms a uniquely curated solution for your home. “The ability to showcase your favorite art decor, cookware, or glassware is now made simple with our all-glass cabinet system, glance,” says Soltoff.

Innovative Wall Panel System


The aesthetic-driven shopper will fawn over armour, an inventive wall paneling system bringing durability and diverse materials with a visually pleasing effect to the forefront of your home. Easy to apply and cost-effective, armour gives you the opportunity to mount any of eggersmann’s materials right on your wall. The innovative hidden hardware enables switching out the panels with minimal effort so you can go with trends without fearing permanence. Be it a modern neutral color choice or rugged texture, this wall-cladding system enables you to design your walls with what’s inspiring you this season and the next.

Lit Backsplash


To top off your kitchen’s transformation, the sleek lighting backsplash rail titled toolbar enables you to harmoniously control your lighting with a wide variety of dimming and temperature-adjusting colors.

The design possibilities for your modern kitchen are endless. Discover more of eggersmann’s latest 2022 product range including printed glass and raised metal inlays on cabinet fronts.

Photography by: eggersmann