Interior Icon Kathy Anderson Gives Homes Purpose

Claire Hatcher Claire Hatcher | February 28, 2021 | Home & Real Estate People Sponsored Post

Eklektik Interiors owner and principal designer succeeds in creating home spaces both with purpose and on purpose.


In looking at the impressive living spaces of Kathy Anderson’s Eklektik Interiors, one would never guess her introduction to interior design was somewhat of an accident. When Anderson left the 200-acre East Texas farm she grew up on to attend college, she had every intention of studying drama. After taking an interior design class, however, she became utterly enamored with the industry. When reflecting on her upbringing on the farm, Anderson fondly recalls childhood connections to interior design. “In our small farmhouse, there was one bedroom I shared with my sisters,” she explains. “I was always rearranging the four twin beds and trying to find the best layout. I also spent time with my mom as she was always painting and trying to make our simple home nice.”


After working in interior design out of her home for 15 years, Anderson opened her own studio and showroom Eklektik Interiors in 1997. Eklektik Interiors specializes in creating “beautiful environments for exceptional living.” To achieve this standard, Anderson designs her homes with purpose and on purpose. “Designing with purpose is a practical, functional approach,” she explains. “Home spaces benefit the user most when they are designed specifically for their needs, maximizing functionality.” Designing on purpose, on the other hand, considers the more aesthetic aspects of interior design. “In a well-designed space, the homeowner walks into it every day and sees complete cohesion. Everything fits together and scales correctly, colors and textures match and flow, and it is clear the design was intentional.”


What truly defines Eklektik Interiors, however, are the company’s clients. For Kathy, success comes in the form of fulfilling the clients’ desires, whatever their tastes may be. “It’s not my house, it’s my client’s house,” she says. “Together we can make magic happen and really enjoy the design process together as we create a cohesive design that is not only beautiful, but functions on every level and enhances their living experience.”

With a handful of distinguished awards and features under their belt (ASID Ruby Awards, Texas Living, and Houston Chronicle are just a few), Eklektik Interiors has established itself as the trusted interior design studio and showroom in Houston. Whatever your needs may be, Anderson and her team at Eklektik Interiors are sure to deliver. “What I do is not rocket science,” she says, “but it does greatly affect the way people live, grow, and thrive. I do not take that lightly.”


Photography by: Eklektik Interiors