How To Store Your Fine Jewelry

by Deutsch Houston by Deutsch Houston | May 10, 2021 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,

At Deutsch, we understand more than most the importance of keeping your fine jewelry in a safe and secure place. In order to keep your jewelry in tip-top shape, here are five tips for storing your jewelry so it lasts a lifetime.


Clean Before Storing

Properly clean your jewelry before storing it to remove lotions, powders, makeup, soaps and sprays. Use a clean, soft and slightly damp cloth to remove body oil and sweat. And if you want the pros to handle it, we offer complimentary cleaning so you can keep your jewelry shining all summer long.


Keep it Cool, Clean and Dry

To best preserve your jewelry, store it in a cool, clean and dry place. Excessive heat exposure and direct sunlight could change the color of some gemstones and precious metals. If you’re in a more humid environment, like Houston, we suggest adding silica packets to help keep your jewelry’s storage environment dry.


Store by Type

Store your jewelry together according to its materials. Precious metals like gold, platinum and sterling silver require the right storage conditions for long-term preservation. For example, keeping silver away from other tarnishing metals will help prevent oxidization.

Use a Soft, Fabric Lining

Store jewelry in felt or another cushion-like fabric to prevent damage or scratches. Pearls especially need to be handled with extra attention and care as they are products of nature.


Secure with Lock & Key

To keep your jewelry secure, we suggest using a home jewelry safe that’s placed out-of-sight, and subsequently out-of-mind, for a potential home intruder. And if you’re an avid traveler, consider a portable safe or carrier, like WOLF Travel Rolls, to protect your jewelry in transit.

Photography by: Deutsch Houston