Houston Mortgage Lender Welcomes Customers Back Home

by Envoy Mortgage by Envoy Mortgage | May 13, 2021 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

Houston-based national mortgage lender, Envoy Mortgage, sheds light on its Gift of Home Program where 50 families across the country are set to receive mortgage assistance.


Jenny Timberlake, an Envoy Mortgage customer, was among the first group of recipients to receive the Gift of Home surprise, in Houston where the company has its headquarters. Timberlake has been a teacher for over 18 years and teaches life skills to special education students at Lamar High School.

“This gift means so much. As a single mom I must think about every dollar that I spend to provide for my three children, so taking a break from paying my mortgage for a month is huge. This is going to help my children and I plan for our future,” Timberlake said.


Timberlake teaches her special needs students virtually and many of them do not understand how to use a computer, making 2020 a very difficult year.

“This year has been pretty difficult. Many of my students do not understand how to use the technology. My students thrive off human interaction and that positive reinforcement hasn’t been there, so I have to think creatively to implement engaging activities,” Timberlake said.


Even though the school year proved to be a difficult one, Timberlake still has gratitude for the impact she is able to continuously make on her students.

“This is my happy place. Being with these students is why I am a teacher. When you must move to virtual learning for that length of time, you realize what you had and no longer take it for granted,” Timberlake said.

Timberlake is a single mom and has three children of her own. With the help of Envoy Mortgage, she closed on her first home in December 2020.


“I didn’t want to move around renting different houses with my kids. I wanted to use my money to purchase a home. Envoy helped me find my dream home and I was able to hang Christmas lights for the very first time,” Timberlake said.

During the pandemic, many people’s relationship with their home changed and to make life a little easier, Envoy Mortgage decided to help the families, friends, and neighbors living in the communities they serve.

“To say the pandemic has made life difficult for many people across the country is an understatement. We had to do something to help lift people up. It’s just part of the Envoy DNA,” said Ron Millard, chief executive officer, Envoy Mortgage.


Since the kickoff of the program in January, Envoy Mortgage has already gifted 25 deserving families with one month of mortgage payments including tax and plans to continue the program through October.

“We understand the important role and positive impact a home plays in a person’s life – it’s truly a gift. We feel blessed to offer this gift to our customers, and I can’t wait for us to deliver more surprise moments in the markets we serve across the country,” said Millard.

Photography by: Matt Daniel