Houston Dermatologists Tracy Katz And Jennifer Deaver Peterson Are Personalizing The Treatment Process

Mimi Faucett Trahan | May 17, 2019 | Lifestyle


Drs. Jennifer Deaver Peterson and Tracy Katz

It’s rare to be stunned by the design of your doctor’s office—at least, in a pleasant way. Enter The Pearl Dermatology, a full-service medical and cosmetic practice launched by board-certified dermatologists Tracy Katz and Jennifer Deaver Peterson. “We wanted to make sure it didn’t feel too sterile,” says Dr. Deaver Peterson. “So [patients] feel comfortable and a little bit homey.” Think floors that resemble Carrara marble; all-white walls with gold hardware and accents; floor-to-ceiling windows; roomy pearlescent armchairs. “We are really detail-oriented,” she says. With a combined near 20 years of experience, plus countless peer-reviewed studies written and clinical-trial investigated, the cheery duo is ready to shake up Houston’s aesthetic scene. “Often, dermatologists recommend a treatment, and then you are scheduled with a PA or nurse practitioner,” explains Dr. Katz. “Here, every single thing we offer is done by us.” So that’s from acne treatment to Botox to combination therapy and off-label treatments—like using Sculptra Aesthetic injectables on more than just the face. “The skin doesn’t age in one layer,” says Dr. Deaver Peterson. 550 Post Oak Blvd., Ste. 550, 713.497.1417, thepearldermatology.‌com


Photography by: Lindsay Rahimi