Fusing Global Cultural Elements Into Spaces That Inspire

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Canaima Design a multicultural interior design firm in Houston, is proud to reveal one of their latest commercial project in the Lone Star State. The entire floor of the high rise has been created in accordance with an innovative ‘Cowboy Chic’ design style, inspired in the native roots of the Houstonians. We have infused the space with fresh, modern Texan culture that has created eye-catching scenery with a futuristic and stylish ambience. Our idea for the open-plan offices stemmed from an experimental concept through which we allowed the space’s employees to choose the style of their surroundings that they would prefer.


The results speak for themselves. The main conference room has been fitted with the latest smart glass technology, giving it the privacy and look of frosted glass that can easily be switched in a second. The 34th floor also now boasts new air-conditioning units, modern lighting systems, Bluetooth capability, and numerous other features that have been tailored to the needs of those working in this freshly renovated high-rise that was created entirely from construction to interior by Canaima Design.


We have enhanced all of these new features with natural, earthy tones as a nod to the design styles of the new decade. The space’s light blue and green color scheme adds an extra nuance to the mix, as does the beautiful natural moss wall finishes we have incorporated. Walk onto the high rise and you will find completely natural preserved lichens, whitewashed brick and cork walls to reduce sound reverberation, rustic earthen wood finishes, and custom-made furniture in a selection of metals and fine leathers. We’ve added some more eclectic items to the scene as well, including 12 foot tall fig trees, cattle brands, and authentic animal skulls and busts.


On a functional level, the space’s new vinyl floors make for easy cleaning, and its epoxy designs and intelligently engineered fabrics have been chosen to extend its performance while retaining its comfort and style. The final touches include custom-created artworks and finer details like cold brewers to make everyone feel right at home in the heart of the city. We are always available to chat for any future project, our imagination is unlimited and we enjoy to design any space with a completely unique perspective, all our inspirations are custom made, in our minds everything starts from a zero point.


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