Fair is Faris

Mellanie Perez | December 22, 2017 | Feature Features

Houston-born actor Sean Faris raises the stakes in Gangster Land, Hollywood's latest mobster-filled flick.

FOR HOLLYWOOD HEARTTHROB Sean Faris, the most exciting part about playing the legendary Sicilian-American mobster Jack “Machine Gun” McGurn in the new biopic crime movie Gangster Land is that he’s Al Capone’s right-hand man. The movie, now out in theaters, is based on Capone’s rise to power and the 1920s Chicago gang wars that led to the legendary St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, seen through the eyes of Faris’ main character.

“It’s the first time in my career I’ve ever played an assassin,” he says of his character, who allegedly joined the mob after the grisly murder of his stepfather. “He made a life out of killing people, but he just wanted to [avenge his stepfather’s memory].” The role is one he’s sure will stay with him, and it’s been a fun challenge. “Anytime one gets the chance to play someone [who] lived, it raises the stakes.” His favorite scene is with co-star Jamie-Lynn Sigler, after McGurn accidentally kills an innocent person in his first robbery. “He goes through a complete shift, and that hardens him.”

Although Faris now lives in L.A., he’s been spending plenty of time at home in the Lone Star State. He just wrapped Bayhouse, a Texas indie drama filmed in Seabrook, and this spring he’s planning a Texas tour to spend time with family in Lufkin, La Porte and Austin. The 6-foot former model also recently married his longtime sweetheart, Cherie Daly, at Burning Man, and the two are thinking Texas might be the perfect place to settle down into married life. “Keep Austin weird,” he says with a grin.


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