Faces of Design: Sherrell Neal

Sherrell Neal Sherrell Neal | December 18, 2020 | Home & Real Estate, People, Sponsored Post,

“The most luxurious life doesn’t always have the price tag you’d expect.”


Sherrell Neal passionately believes that luxury, and the way it can comfort us, is something we all need and deserve. She knows that a thoughtfully designed, comfortable space dramatically improves the lives of those who live in and visit it. This idea motivated her to follow her dream and found Sherrell Design Studio. Since 2016, creating and transforming spaces has been her vision and mission. Sherrell’s award-winning style is elegant, livable, timeless, and delivers a subtle, natural, southern sensibility.


She collectively layers each room with a blend of traditional and modern furnishings, contemporary textiles, mixed finishes, and personalized objects. Growing up in Houston, she spent countless hours during her youth on remodeling jobs in the family business. There she developed an interest in design. Sherrell is consumed with details and has a heart for quality and craftsmanship. Her experiences have helped write her design story—the story of your home becoming your luxury retreat, no matter the zip code or budget.






Photography by: Sherrell Neal