Banishing the beige, Emily June Designs is on a mission to make her client's homes as vibrant as their lives

Emily June Designs | April 22, 2020 | Home & Real Estate Features Sponsored Post


Emily Spanos of Emily June Designs has a passion for color - and knows how to use it. Part of a dynamic shift happening in the Houston design scene, this vibrant talent has pushed the envelope and made her mark as a purveyor of layered interiors that never shy away from making a statement.

Emily June is focused on every client’s home being a direct reflection of their personality. “My mantra is banish the beige,” June says. “People tend to feel that statement means you have color everywhere, but it's more about banishing beige - and the blah - from your home, and your life! People have such vibrant lives -your home needs to reflect that and bring the life that you live into your home.”


Her business approach is also as fresh as her design philosophy - with the introduction of the Concierge Design in a Day program. The new program offers executives and families with packed schedules the opportunity to get a comprehensive design plan together for their home in a short 6 hour timeframe- virtually or in person. The program includes space planning and product sourcing with Emily June, and a workable plan provided to the client at the end of the day to pull the space together in their own timeframe.

“I usually give clients a little homework before our initial meeting so I can have a list of their wants before we meet,” says June. “We review what I have pulled together, likes and dislikes.” By the end of the six design hours, the concept is created and key pieces are pulled together with a mapped out plan on how to make the design a reality.


In addition to the Concierge Design in a Day program, Emily June also offers complete residential design services, from ground-up builds to gut-remodels and has worked on projects from Mexico City and Abu Dhabi to Athens.

“I love seeing a client feel the weight lifted off their shoulders when I step in to help,” says June. “Now more than ever, we are spending a lot of time in our homes. Handing it over to a professional is like being sick and always looking up the symptoms. Getting help from me and my team is like finally going to the doctor, you know your home is in the right hands!”

Known for her extraordinary skill of blending textures, patterns and colors in unexpected ways, the fourth generation Houstonian is often coined by her clients as fresh, creative, instrumental and a jewel to work with. “I take pride in making sure each client receives an individualized experience tailored to their personality, style and needs,” says June.

“I create spaces for my clients that are truly unique to them, often pushing them a little farther than they originally thought they would go,” says June. “I like to pull my clients out of any traditional comfort zone and bring them to a place where every element of the project comes together to evoke complete joy at the final reveal.”

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