Diversity and Inclusion Tips from a Houston-Based Lending Company

by Envoy Mortgage by Envoy Mortgage | September 14, 2021 | People Lifestyle Sponsored Post


Houston-based national mortgage lender, Envoy Mortgage, understands Houston is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States. The importance of being able to effectively communicate within a multiculturally diverse landscape is crucial to expand consumer financial knowledge and transparency.

Alex Sada, an Envoy Mortgage Loan Originator, takes financial education seriously and sees his own diverse background as a chance to connect more closely with customers as they make one of the most important purchases of their lives.

“I find it truly special being a loan originator in such a diverse city as Houston. Being in such a large multicultural market creates a connection to many customers I would not have had the opportunity to otherwise. The best part of my job is connecting with customers of all different demographics and backgrounds,” said Sada.

Sada attributes the largest barrier to homeownership for diverse groups is typically lack of financial literacy and understanding how to begin the mortgage process.

“I think financial literacy is one of the biggest barriers to homeownership in general, but one we especially have here in Houston. We have such a high population of diverse backgrounds and typically they are not properly informed on effectively managing their credit scores and spending,” said Sada.

Sada added transparency is key when conducting any business, but especially in a market that thrives and exists because of diversity.

“The key to success is becoming wholeheartedly inclusive to all and to be transparent of that effort in the way we conduct business. It starts with creating diversity in the workplace. I believe leading by this example creates a sense of inclusion for all customers,” said Sada.

Diversity has played a large part in Sada’s career, and he attributes it to be the sole reason he is able to earn a living as a loan originator.

“Diversity is really the only reason I’m able to earn a living as a loan originator. It’s at the core of who I am and what I believe in. It’s as big of a part of my business as it is my personal life. I try to connect with everyone who’s placed in my path as a loan originator and as a person outside of work,” said Sada.

To Sada diversity is equivalent to equality and he maintains we can all do better as a collective whole in the real estate and lending industries to affect change.

“Diversity to me means equality. It means respecting everyone by giving the same attention and care to all. As loan originators we need to do a better job educating those with diverse backgrounds to be able to break through these barriers,” said Sada.

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