Dining in the Dark

| November 28, 2011 | Calendar National

The event is an exciting fundraiser where attendees will be "Dining in the Dark", while enjoying a great meal and the company of their friends, family and fellow Houstonians. During the dinner, attendees will enjoy the soulful vocals of Grammy nominated recording artist Mary Griffin while they interact with one another in complete darkness.

Krista Moser, Sight into Sound executive director, created the event three years ago to help provide a unique experience where participants are slowly deprived of their visual senses as the lights dim and a blindfold is worn. The goal of the event is for everyone to be visually impaired temporarily, experiencing their whole world in a different perspective, allowing a glimpse of what it's like for some of the clients at the Sight into Sound center.

The success for Dining in the Dark is based on guests developing a deeper understanding of Sight into Sound's recipients, as well as increasing financial funds to help aid the center in purchasing a higher caliber of radios for the listeners. The center's goal is to purchase 3,000 radios within the approximate time span of one year. The center offers a cutting edge technological service for the blind and visually impaired to improve their quality of life.

Hope to see you all there at this wonderful event!


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