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When it comes to jewelry, Lance Deutsch of Deutsch Fine Jewelry has an interesting and thoughtful approach. Sometimes, he says, jewelry — especially family heirlooms — “becomes like a museum piece that you look at once a year when you go to the bank, or dig into the bottom of your jewelry box.” And that’s simply not doing anybody any favors.



He suggests dismantling the piece and transforming it into something modern and wearable. The team of experts At Deutsch can help you reimagine any piece of jewelry and will work with you to design the perfect piece, made just for you. Its all about repurposing the old and transforming to the new.


From simply resetting an older stone to combining multiple pieces, no project is too big or too small for their team to take on. Take a 1960s broach, for example. It’s yellow gold, and full of diamonds. It hasn’t been worn in decades. But Deutsch can remove the diamonds and make an eternity band, something that the customer can wear literally every day. “Now she knows she's wearing her grandmother's diamonds, and will always be sentimental,” Lance says.

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