Deutsch Has The Bangle For You!

by Deutsch Houston by Deutsch Houston | September 24, 2021 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,


In 2008, Russian excavators studying the famous Denisova cave in Siberia unearthed an ancient marvel: a beautifully sculpted chlorite bangle. Approximately 50,000-65,000 years old, this small green bangle has completely rewritten our understanding of ancient society, suggesting that millenia before humankind even invented the wheel, they invented the bangle. Priorities. The bangle has remained a staple of statement jewelry since its Denisovan debut, cropping up in the ancient ruins of Mayan, Mauryan, Egyptian, Roman, Indian, and Chinese civilizations. A European revival centuries later brought the bangle back to the jewelry boxes of the Victorians who loved an engraved cameo moment. Today, modern versions of this classic bangle design appear in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, or leather, and are often studded with diamonds, gemstones, or charms. People across time have returned to the universality of the bangle design over and over because at its core, the bangle is timeless.

Jewelry is supposed to tell a story, so what’s yours? Do you want to hold court like Queen Victoria, or return to your roots and “Walk Like an Egyptian”? Whatever your aesthetic, Deustch has the bangle for you!


Chunky, yet Funky

If your personal style is all about bold patterns, vivid metallics, and daring statement pieces, then a chunky cuff bangle is the perfect accessory for you.

John Apel Jewelry is known for their nature-inspired pieces and their absolutely fabulous cuff bangles. Look no further than this gorgeous mixed-metal yellow gold and silver bangle to see why. Twin buttery yellow gold suns sit in a cool sterling silver sky, with one sun boasting a flawless row of .53 ct round bezel set black diamonds, and the other, a contrasting row of .60 ct white diamonds. Balance, yin and yang, and symmetry are the themes of this cuff bangle, a stunning statement piece whatever the occasion.


If We Could Turn Back Time

Do you dream of life in a period drama? Have you spent all of lockdown binge-watching Downton Abbey, Bridgerton, and The Crown? Then an antique-style bangle might be the one for you!

Armenta, a woman-run Houston company, specialises in antique-style handcrafted pieces. Inspired by the classic elegance of Old World Spanish architecture, the Old World collection combines vivid turquoise with moody black accents, set in darkened sterling silver or rich yellow gold. The result is a one-of-a-kind collection which simultaneously appears centuries old and brand new. This 18k yellow gold and sterling silver bangle features vivid blue turquoise, white quartz, and stunning white pavé diamonds. As a thinner piece, it is ideal for stacking, and could be paired with similar Old World collection pieces such as this rose gold bangle, enameled with turquoise and studded with champagne diamonds, or this blackened sterling silver bangle, with yellow gold, turquoise, mother of pearl, and quartz accents. If yellow gold isn’t your thing, the New World collection is full of dreamy sterling silver bangles with ornate antique details, like scroll engravings and dazzling champagne diamonds.

Photography by: Deutsch Houston