Designing the Dream

By Valeria Baltodano By Valeria Baltodano | February 26, 2021 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,

With more than 15 years of experience, CLR Design Services, Inc. is an expert in residential and small commercial projects of all kinds. Whether it’s a new-construction home, cafe remodel or a decorative refresh, CLR prides itself on making clients’ dreams come true, one project at a time.


“I care what the client feels and what their needs are,” says CLR founder Crystal Reeves, ASID, RID. “I want the client to be happy, and any way I can get to that result is considered a ‘win’. It’s not about the final photograph, it’s about the client.”


Forming bonds through genuine client relationships is Reeves’ bread and butter, and has allowed her to establish CLR as a top design source in today’s highly competitive industry. The Houston-based design firm has been featured in a range of lifestyle publications such as Vogue, Architectural Digest and Living Magazine—for good reason.

The firm not only offers full-service design and decoration as well as hourly-based smaller projects to the Houston area, but also provides unique services to clients around the country. These services include remodels, additions, finish selections, furniture and art selection, and custom installation of selected items. For clients moving to Houston from another city, state or even country, CLR ensures the transition runs smoothly and stress-free by fully outfitting their home or office start to finish. Think draperies, silverware, china, appliances and basic household items… all the way down to a toothbrush—CLR takes care of it all.


The CLR team’s attention to detail, problem-solving skills and passion for what they do make the firm stand out in the industry. With every custom project, Reeves works closely with the architect, builder and client every step of the way. From floor plans and lighting to tile selection and cabinet specifications, Reeves ensures every aspect of the design meets the client’s desires and practical needs. “I work closely with the builder and client to ensure the design we so carefully and thoughtfully plan out is executed properly,” she says. Regular and clear communication throughout each project has clearly played a critical part in CLR’s success, as has Reeves’ commitment to her clients.


“We are inside too much [these days] to not love where we are, and there is something so cathartic about finally being surrounded by something you love,” says Reeves. “You deserve more. Never, ever drink bad coffee, buy cheap lipstick or settle for an ugly house.” Noted!

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Photography by: CLR Design Services, Inc.