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Ray Dennison and Mellanie Perez | December 28, 2016 | Feature Features National

As Houston celebrates 2017 and prepares for the Super Bowl, the foremost thing on the city's agenda is putting the best boot forward. We're talking arts and culture worthy of standing ovations, style that's always on point, world-class health and beauty, design and realty for bon vivants, and food. We really can't forget the food. It's all right here.
FLOAT ON Owners Mahyar and Hannah Badrei at new MIZU Integrative Medicine Clinic + Float Center

The Healers
Medical doctor Mahyar Badrei and his Rice Ph.D. wife, Hannah, discovered restrictive environmental stimulation therapy, or REST, while on vacation four years ago in Kyoto, Japan. “We’ve always been interested in treating the body as a whole,” Hannah explains. When the couple, who have been married for 16 years, returned home, they noticed REST was pretty much absent in Houston. This was quite surprising given the city’s global reputation in medicine, so the couple got to work, and in November, they opened MIZU Integrative Medicine Clinic + Float Center (5161 San Felipe St., Ste. 120, 832.767.4312), Houston’s first clinic and flotation spa combination, in Tanglewood.

Although REST may not be a familiar term, some seasoned spagoers may have seen, or even used, the flotation pods at facilities elsewhere in the country. The pods hold 10 inches of high-saline solution—the same salt concentration found in the Dead Sea, to be precise—which allows users to suspend their bodies and relax their joints and muscles in a calm, still environment. Not only has the practice caught the attention of the Air Force and professional athletes like Houston Texan J.J. Watt, it’s also getting traction with clinical trials and data in the medical community. It’s proven to lower anxiety, and decrease heart rate and blood pressure.

The boutique clinic houses three pods in private rooms for treatments, which can be booked online for $120 per session. Additionally, there are two consultation rooms where the team offers general medical services like wellness exams and chronic care management, herbal medicine advice and remedies, acupuncture, cognitive behavior therapy and nutrition guidance.

“Research finds that patients that are involved in an integrative medicine program not only have better outcomes, but they do better with treatments and have a better quality of life,” Mahyar says. “There are not many clinics that provide this level of integration and research-proven therapy in a [boutique] setting.”


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