A Celebrity Love Architect's Guide to Bliss

By Lauren Stone By Lauren Stone | June 6, 2023 | Lifestyle, Feature, Features, Sponsored Post,

Renowned celebrity love architect and life coach to the stars Kailen Rosenberg shares the secrets to how her new lifestyle platform, My Love Design, helps singles find real love, right now.


From catfishers to unfit matches, dating in the digital age can be a nightmare, leaving singles feeling discouraged and like their person isn’t out there. But the problem isn’t just with the digital age, or even the apps, the problem, according to love architect Kailen Rosenberg, lies with the piece of the puzzle we have the most control over: ourselves.

Rosenberg uncovered the key to matchmaking naturally. Working as a life coach in her early 20s before the practice was widely recognized, Rosenberg noticed that her clients were finding real, meaningful love—with each other.

“I had single clients, and when I would introduce them after working quite in-depth with them, they were getting engaged and married left and right and using the term ‘soulmate,’” Rosenberg says. “I think the success of the matchmaking came from having the ability to dive so deeply into my clients’ lives, to match them with themselves first, instead of someone else. When we go there, that's when extraordinary love and relationships with the right partners were being experienced.”

Now, with the help of a team of celebrity experts from around the world, she’s putting her decades of experience to work with My Love Design, a one-of-a-kind digital platform that mimics her successful individual counseling and healing.


Celebrity Love Architect and Founder, Kailen Rosenberg

Making Room For Love

What separates My Love Design from other dating apps or sites is the primary focus on the single member. Rosenberg knows that finding love of any kind starts from within, so the first half of her 11-step process provides an avenue for members to discover what they really want and grow into a version of themselves that is ready for real love.

“We're either repelling love or we are attracting love at every moment in our life, energetically,” Rosenberg says. “This process gives people an opportunity to truly know how to be their best self and prepare for love and the right partner. We call this building your Love House so real love can move in.”

Co-created with renowned therapists and bestselling authors Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, two of Oprah’s favorites, the first step to building your love house is the Real Reveal test. The thoughtfully crafted questionnaire leads members to find out what kind of mate they are and learn how that will affect their journey to love.

Next, members have the opportunity to create their Love + Life Blueprint. Here, members lay out their visions and intentions for the future and use them in step three, The Construction Zone, to make their blueprint a reality. This is where Rosenberg’s Global Love Team of celebrity experts come in to offer advice, one-on-one support, products and services to help members reach their individual goals.

“The Global Love Team consists of some of the top experts in about every arena that you can think of when it comes to self-awareness, lifestyle, and beauty,” Rosenberg says. “These people are the best of the best.” Celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn, fitness trainer Stacie Clark, and psychotherapist and author Dr. Robi Ludwig are just a few of the experts on Rosenberg’s team. Houston’s own Dominique Sachse is even on board as a strong supporter.

Step four, Mindfulness, is when members take a moment to check in with their mind and soul. Just like Rosenberg’s work with her life coaching clients, members must become what they want to attract—if you’re joyful, you’ll attract joy. The homework for this step teaches members to find peace within themselves, so they can attract goodness into their lives.

“Within the 11 steps, there are 17 different in-depth pieces of love homework. They're fun and incredibly insightful,” Rosenberg says. “It gets you to a place of where you're thinking about most everything in your life quite differently.”

The final step before members are ready to start meeting potential partners brings the Love House they’ve built into their home and office. Your home is a reflection of your state of mind, so this step offers members a chance to design their space to reflect the tranquility they obtained in step four.

“It inspires you to wake up, and to be aware, and to just love on yourself in a way you never learned before,” Rosenberg says. “So when it's time for love, you're in a whole different mindset.”


Finding the [Right] One

After (or during) completing their first five steps (about five weeks) looking inward, members are ready to look outward, for love. In step six, Cupid, members begin searching The Private Love Collective, a by-invitation dating club with three tiers to choose from: Foundational ($60/month), Premier in partnership with Modern Luxury Media ($120/month) and Bespoke ($240,000), the latter of which entails celebrity experts coming to you for an extremely personalized Love House design and matchmaking experience.

The pool of members is another aspect that sets My Love Design apart. Along with background checks and verification of being legally single (not just separated), My Love Design is by invitation, meaning only people with a special code can join. This level of exclusivity ensures that everyone on My Love Design is a vetted person who’s looking for real love and a life mate.

In step seven, members create their Love List, a collection of what and who they want their partner to be. “Most people find that once they've gone through the 11 steps, they're not even attracted to the same people they were attracted to before,” Rosenberg says. “The relationships are more healthy and mature.”

Finding that true match comes to fruition in the next three steps. This is where members will be connecting with each other and receiving invitations to private virtual and in-person Modern Luxury events, including step 10, Love Shopping, an event that creates a space for members to meet, mingle and have fun.

The final step is a celebration and recognition of all the work each member put into themselves. Whether they’ve already found their Life Mate or are still looking, they’ve taken the time to heal themselves and become part of a community that’s committed to spreading and receiving love.

“This process pushes you to dive deeper into recognizing the truth of who you are with compassion and love instead of shame, self-blame or comparison of yourself to someone else,” Rosenberg says. “It's an in-depth, hardcore, nurturing process to bring you to a level of awareness that most people never reach.”

Advice from The Love Expert

Dating of any kind can lead to negative self-talk and take a toll on your physical, mental and spiritual health. While it might seem easier to swear off dating completely than keep trying, Rosenberg wants everyone to know that real love is around the corner, all you have to do is believe that you deserve it.

“No matter where you come from, no matter where you are right now, no matter how painful love may have been or how confusing or frustrating it may have been up until now, just know that you still absolutely can have it,” she says. “It's waiting for you to see it, trust it and grab it. When you finally believe in that, you energetically attract it and others see it in you.”

Find your Life Mate at mylovedesign.com. Use code MODLOVE for exclusive access.

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