Why Is Vintage Contessa & Times Past a Better Option Than Online Consignment?

| May 1, 2020 | Lifestyle, Shop, Sponsored Post,

Where to start? The Vintage Contessa & Times Past is a trusted name for luxury goods with over 35 years buying and selling pre-owned luxury watches, fine jewelry, diamonds, and designer handbags in Houston. They offer a no fuss, transparent and risk-free Sell or Trade service, which you can utilize to seamlessly evolve your collection. There is no waiting or wondering, and you remain in control. If you accept their offer, you get paid immediately.


The husband and wife dynamic duo that many have come to trust with authenticity and quality, have been providing Facebook LIVE streams every Monday at 1pm with pieces from the likes of Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Today is extra special as they will share sale prices, starting at $125, for gifts for moms and grads… the people in your family that have been staying strong these past months and deserve a gift now more than ever!

At their storefront, many customers know that their experience will be like no other. One might say it’s like a special little jewel box that oozes glamour. “When a client walks into our store, we are thinking about creating an experience to see and touch luxury items that are not accessible in other stores," says the Contessa.

Not only are they keeping up with fashion trends and styles world-wide, they are constantly updating inventory. If you have items in your closet you are no longer wearing and tell a story, consider selling or trading to Vintage Contessa & Times Past. As for now, log on today at 1pm. Happy virtual shopping!



Photography by: Courtesy of The Vintage Contessa & Times Past