Houston's Men on the Move

BY Mimi Faucett Trahan | March 28, 2019 | Feature Features

From a Texas piano man to the mastermind behind Houston's new 4,000-acre economic center, these dynamic gents are putting a unique stamp on the bayou city.
Goodnight Hospitality | David Keck and Felipe Riccio styled by Saks Fifth Avenue


The three male partners of Goodnight Hospitality have made a name for themselves on the local and national food and beverage scene with buzzy Montrose honky-tonk Goodnight Charlie’s.

The boys have added a fourth partner—Austin’s June Rodil—and they are expanding their portfolio to include three new concepts this year: March, Montrose Cheese & Wine and Rosie Cannonball.

DAVID KECK “The success of Goodnight Charlie’s has felt like the beginning of an era, ushering in more live music to Houston and providing a location for musicians to play, grow and launch their careers. … The year ahead is superexciting and mildly terrifying. … We have some outstanding people coming on board to help in the process, and we are about to dive full-force into hiring—that’s one of my favorite aspects of what is to come. We are a company built upon the talents of the individuals working with us, and as that group grows, so does the potential of Goodnight Hospitality. … I think Rosie Cannonball will be the pulse of the new concepts. March is going to be an exciting place to push boundaries and Montrose Cheese & Wine will be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood and a surprisingly dynamic space, but Rosie will tie it all together.”

FELIPE RICCIO “I am in charge of the food programs at the upcoming projects as well as at Goodnight Charlie’s. I will directly lead the charge at March. Montrose Cheese & Wine will showcase the idea of highly curated selections with knowledgeable staff behind them; Rosie Cannonball speaks to the joyful soul of our dinner tables, providing a constant high standard and delicious food; March will display our thirst for knowledge and exploration, but will always keep the focus on the uniqueness of the moment for our guests. … I have a special place in my heart for March, but I have a feeling Montrose Cheese & Wine is going to be the sleeper hit.”

PETER MCCARTHY “It’s meaningful to create spaces and concepts that push people’s notions of hospitality. Whether that is through food, drink, service or design, we are always focused on how to best serve our customers. All three of these [new] concepts are exciting in their own way, but seeing how people react to Felipe’s food and David’s service and wine list at March is going to be amazing. … We’ve been working on this development for almost five years now, so it’s exciting to see it finally come to fruition.”

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