7 Transformative Dating Insights from the Experts

By Lauren Stone By Lauren Stone | August 9, 2023 | Lifestyle Feature Sponsored Post

Modern Luxury teamed up with Celebrity Love Architect and My Love Design creator Kailen Rosenberg and her team of Global Love Experts to offer singles thoughtful advice for finding love.

Between creating a perfectly curated profile and swiping through unfit matches, this digital age of dating can feel more like a chore than a love story. That’s why celebrity love architect and creator of the luxury lifestyle and dating platform My Love Design, Kailen Rosenberg, has thoughtfully curated a powerhouse team of experts whose wisdom and guidance empower members to construct their “Love House”—a space where authentic love can truly thrive.

“After spending years working with some of the best experts in the world, I realized that none of us are meant to always do things alone,” Rosenberg says. “So, I decided to ask those who I felt were not only incredibly talented in their area of expertise but more so, had a deep passion for making this world a better place, to join me on a mission to help bring love and healing to our planet.”

Through conversations with Rosenberg and a few members of her global team of experts, we uncovered seven valuable insights on finding your life mate and intentionally dating.

Read on to learn more, and head to mylovedesign.com to join this exclusive platform and be the first to know about upcoming private events hosted in partnership with Modern Luxury, including the VIP launch party on September 19.

Know Yourself

Elite matchmaker and author Kailen Rosenberg is the founder and CEO of My Love Design.


From successfully coaching thousands of singles and couples to effectively matchmaking for years, Kailen Rosenberg has a deeper understanding than most about the inner workings of love. With this kind of passion and mastery, Rosenberg has come to recognize the roots of the single struggle, and she’s created an entire platform to solve them. Her biggest piece of advice? Know yourself—profoundly.

“Most of us only know and understand a small fraction of our true selves, therefore leaving too much room for unnecessary pain, dysfunction, disruption and the wrong partner to enter our lives,” she says. “When you truly know, love and value yourself, you’ll not only know who is best for you, but you’ll be your best in all of your relationships, especially in love.”

Get Back to Basics


Lee Ann Del Carpio is the president and founder of Limitless Actualization, an executive coaching organization.

As an executive c-suite coach, Lee Ann Del Carpio helps clients find fulfillment in their lives by aligning them with their soul’s calling. While her work is primarily with business leaders, the same principles apply to romantic relationships. “In all aspects of life, the quality of our relationships ultimately impacts the quality of the results we can create together,” she says. “It’s true in business teams, and it’s true in love.”

When it comes to finding and maintaining a high-quality relationship, Del Carpio suggests that singles look inward rather than continue to add experiences to their lives while searching for the next best thing. That’s why the My Love Design journey begins with the Real Reveal—it’s an opportunity to understand how you love and why. “Ask yourself: What are you ready to release or reset in your life? Who do you choose to no longer be?” Del Carpio says. “Now you have space to allow greater soulful alignment and greater quality relationships to drop in.”

Focus on You


Julie Spira is one of America's top online dating experts, a digital matchmaker and author.

Julie Spira, the bestselling author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online, has been coaching singles on finding love online for nearly three decades. “I begin with helping my clients and our members in cultivating their true self-worth and embrace the profound reality that they themselves are the treasure."

Online dating can seem daunting, but when you’re comfortable with yourself, it takes the pressure off of finding “the one.” By following the steps to build your Love House on My Love Design, you focus on yourself before meeting other like-minded singles. Instead of searching for your perfect match with tunnel vision, Spira says to broaden your horizons. “Singles need to cast a wide net and look for someone who could expand their social network,” she says. “And if you get lucky in love along the way, you win the jackpot.”

Open Your Mind


David Applebaum is the founder and principal of his eponymous architecture and design studio.

Renowned celebrity architect and designer David Applebaum lives and works by the motto “live where you love, love where you live.” For over 30 years, Applebaum has been helping clients express themselves through their homes, and now, with My Love Design, he’s helping singles build their Love House. He knows that your space is a reflection of your mind, and both must have room for real love to move in.

“I think that it is vital to see things in fresh ways,” he says. “One of the primary ways that I try to share that notion is to suggest seeing what is commonplace as something that is poetic. For example, what most people see as a doorknob, I see as a handshake that welcomes one into a new space. Doesn't that open your experience to new and wondrous levels? If one starts from there, every experience will take on a new meaning and offer new possibilities.”

Get Out of Your Own Way


Destin Pfaff is the co-founder and CEO of LoveAndMatchmaking.com with his wife Rachel Federoff.

With six seasons of Millionaire Matchmaker under their belt, co-founders and CEOs of LoveAndMatchmaking.com Destin Pfaff and wife Rachel Federoff have made it their life mission to help singles find love. In their decades of experience, they’ve noticed that in the dating world, people tend to be their own biggest obstacle.

“People self-sabotage when it comes to dating,” Federoff says. “When you stop standing in your own way, real love can bloom.” They know it can be difficult to do this and that dating can start to feel like an endless cycle of unfit matches, but they warn singles to never give up—especially when it gets tough. “Just because finding ‘the one’ is hard, doesn't mean you should settle,” Pfaff says.

Express Yourself


Gretchen Ventura is the founder and principal designer of her eponymous jewelry brand.

Jewelry designer Gretchen Ventura creates modern heirlooms using raw materials infused with positive energy. With a goal to heal through beauty, Ventura helps My Love Design singles find a way to truly express themselves in a way that makes them feel beautiful, inside and out. “My desire is to elevate their personal experience of beauty, which in turn, elevates everything and everyone around them,” she says.

How you present yourself directly affects how others perceive you, so it’s important that the image you put out into the world is an accurate reflection of who you are. Ventura recommends having fun and expressing yourself with your personal style. “Your jewelry is your personal art,” she says. “Collect it, layer it, let it represent who you are.”

Take Care of Yourself


Stacie Clark is a fashion director turned health and fitness expert for the stars.

Celebrity fitness and wellness coach Stacie Clark has been helping clients build a more healthy and balanced lifestyle for over 25 years. Along with physical training, one of the most important aspects of Clark’s approach is creating a well-rounded sense of confidence. At My Love Design, Clark helps singles do just that, so they can embark on their love journey as the best possible version of themselves.

“How you do anything is how you do everything,” she says. “Your body is your temple. I want to help others take care of it inside and out while connecting the mind, body and soul. You cannot be complete in one without the others.”

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