6 Splurgeworthy Bottles of Wine You Can Get Delivered Tonight

By Mimi Faucett Trahan & Kristin Zaccaria | March 27, 2020 | Food & Drink Feature

Up the ante on your takeout meal with these somm-selected bottles that are worth the splurge.

Dom Perignon Brut Champagne, 2008, $180

“Near perfect vintage and with a price that is below your average retail shelf—you can’t do better. Not to mention there isn’t a bad time for Champagne. As Sir Winston Churchill said during the World War II bombings of England regarding Champagne, ‘In defeat I need it and in victory I deserve it!’” –Sean Beck, Sommelier/Beverage Director, Backstreet Cafe, backstreetcafe.net

Complimentary delivery for orders of $500 or more within a two-mile radius, through Favor and UberEats; daily 11am-7pm. DomPerignon-VintageBlanc-2008-75-GB-ERetailKit-IN-PNG_high_width-1920x-prop.png

Rotem & Mounir Saouma Omnia Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Rhone, France, 2011, $195

“[It] may take some time once opened for this wine to really show its beauty. The deep, rich fruit and hints of tobacco, red meat and a bit of forest floor—wow, Mounir may be one of the genius winemakers of our time.” –Chris Shine, Owner, Frank’s Americana Revival, frankshouston.com

Complimentary delivery within a six-mile radius through Favor, UberEats and GrubHub; Mon.-Fri. 11am-8pm, Sat.-Sun. 5-9pm.

Hiyu Wine Farm “The May,” 2014, $240

“It's a bit funky but interesting. The nose on these wines from Hiyu will play with your senses and once you take that first sip, you're like, 'WOW! I didn't expect that!'" –Nick Nguyen, General Manager, Riel, rielhtx.com

Delivery through Favor; Mon.-Sat. 1-8pm.

Negretti Bricco Ambrogio Barolo, 2005, $300

“I check every day. I look daily to see if this one bottle has sold. Hooray for me, it's still here. While far from the most expensive bottle on the wine list at Rainbow Lodge, I know I'd really enjoy the magnum (two bottles worth). (I've learned in my daily phone call with the TABC that there's no bottle size limit of wine that can be delivered.) For one, Nebbiolo, the Italian red wine grape variety which is predominantly associated with Barolo, pairs perfectly with Chef Mark's menu at Rainbow Lodge. Also, 2005 was a sleeper year for Barolo, which is only now starting to show its beauty. And besides, a magnum of wine is the perfect size for one thirsty sommelier!” –Marc Borel, Sommelier, Rainbow Lodge, rainbow-lodge.com

Delivery through UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub; Mon.-Fri. 11am-7pm.


Katsuyama Diamond Akatsuki, $700

“Semi-dry, aromatic, rich full-body, Katsuyama was the exclusive sake brewery to the Japanese imperial family. Only the Toji (the head sake brewer) is involved in the brewing process of Diamond Akatsuki, versus a team. He is the only one that is allowed to touch the rice/mash from start to finish. Cutting-edge centrifugal technology is also used to make the sake. The opulence of the sake pairs well with other decadent things like caviar, uni, toro, wagyu, foie gras and umami-rich dishes. Treat yo’ self.” –Emmanuelle Massicot, Assistant General Manager, Kata Robata, katarobata.com

Complimentary delivery for orders over $125 and within a five-mile radius; daily 11:30am-9pm.


Château Lafite Rothschild, Premier Cru Classé, Pauillac 3L, 2006, $12,000

“The 2006 Château Lafite Rothschild is a rare and fantastic vintage and in the larger 3L format, it retains more elegance and initial fruit character than a 750mL bottle would permit.” –Bridget Paliwoda, Sommelier, B&B Butchers & Restaurant, bbbutchers.com

Order delivery through Favor and DoorDash; daily 11am-8pm.

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