5 Places Around Houston For Creative Caviar Cuisine

Mai Pham | September 26, 2019 | Food & Drink

Skip the mother-of-pearl spoon and blini, and indulge in these inventive, made-for-millennials caviar creations.


Eunice’s handpulled burrata with cajun caviar and pepper jelly

Blue Crab and Caviar Nachos
There are nachos, and then there are Brennan’s blue crab and caviar nachos. A Tex-Mex-meets-Creole creation that is made-to-order, crispy tortilla chips are smothered by St. Andre French triple creme cow’s milk queso, fire-roasted corn, mirliton pico de gallo, a pound of jumbo lump crab and a full ounce of Petrossian caviar. 3300 Smith St., 713.522.9711, brennanshouston.com

Caviar Tater Tots
At once playful yet utterly decadent, Riel chef and co-owner Ryan Lachaine’s caviar tater tots are a work of culinary art and a special off-menu item. Made of potatoes that are cooked sous vide and formed into a silken paste, the tots are rolled in panko bread crumbs and deep fried to achieve the crispy-on-the-outside, molten-on-the-inside texture, then topped with creme fraiche and Russian caviar. 1927 Fairview St., 832.831.9109, rielhtx.com

Handpulled Burrata
One of the breakout dishes at Drake Leonards’ Creole gem, Eunice, is creamy handpulled burrata from Puglia, Italy, accompanied by hot biscuits, sweet and spicy pepper jelly and an element that takes everything over the top: a generous helping of mildly briny, tiny black Cajun caviar pearls. 3737 Buffalo Speedway, Ste. 100, 832.491.1717, eunicerestaurant.com

Kill ’Em With Caviar
Who wouldn’t want to meet their demise from a caviar overload? 1751 Sea & Bar chef Lyle Bento’s Kill ’Em With Caviar takes diners on a ride through five or six custom-crafted bites, beginning with a Champagne cocktail made with a caviar ball that separates and floats like bubbles to the top as you sip. The fun continues with seasonal caviar creations like a peach tart or fresh figs and toasted sesame. 191 Heights Blvd., 832.831.9820, 1751houston.com

La Caviar & Onion Dip
Fried chicken and oysters aren’t the only things to wash down with a glass of bubbly at chef Ford Fry’s Heights hot spot, La Lucha. One of the most popular shareable plates on the menu is La Caviar and Onion Dip: 1 ounce of Cajun caviar served atop cold and creamy onion dip, with a side of everyone’s favorite chip, Pringles. 1801 N. Shepherd Drive, Ste. A, 713.955.4765, laluchatx.com


Photography by: Duc Hoang