4 Best Bar Scenes In Houston

Ray Dennison and Robin Barr Sussman | June 26, 2018 | Cocktails Drink

Check out our short list of the best bars to hit in Houston, Texas, right now.

The bar at River Oaks staple Brasserie 19

Anvil Bar and Refuge
Bobby Hugel’s concept is still one of the leaders in the city’s mixology landscape. Flip through the endless menu of classic and modern cocktails, or tell the mixologist your favorite liquors and flavor profiles. Whatever you do, don’t order a vodka with Red Bull.

Brasserie 19
Back in 2014, the bar at this French concept in River Oaks made Town & Country magazine’s list of top places to meet a rich husband, and four years later, the designation still applies. Come for the solid French fare and well-priced wine list, and stay for the epic people-watching on any night of the week.

Steak 48
Given its location in River Oaks District and proximity to designer boutiques such as Tom Ford, Dior and Hermès, it comes as no surprise that the clientele here are well-heeled and glamorous. The focal point of the restaurant’s first floor is a huge square bar: Above, a modern light fixture glitters and reflects spotlights onto all the pretty people sipping martinis below.

Tongue Cut Sparrow
Another win by bar master Bobby Heugel, this speak-easy is up a secret staircase at the back of Downtown’s popular mezcal bar, The Pastry War. Push through the unmarked door and you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported back to the Prohibition era. Seating is limited, so reservations are necessary. Once settled in, enjoy incredibly inventive cocktails and one of the city’s largest Japanese whisky selections.


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